Week beginning 1st October 2017


Holy Hour for Vocations this Thursday at 6.30pm

October Devotion: The Rosary will be said either before or after all weekday Masses and Services this month.

Who Cares About the Saints? Fr James Martin SJ. No meeting this Wednesday or the following two Wednesdays. We resume on 25th October.

Mission Appeal: Next weekend Fr Cyprian of the Spiritans (Holy Ghost Fathers) will make an appeal for support for their missionary work. The 2nd Collection will for their work.

The CAFOD Harvest Fast Day collection will be the following weekend.

Confirmation will be celebrated at our parish on Thursday 1st February (7.00 pm). Candidates y6+ will be welcome to apply. An introductory meeting in the hall on Saturday 11th November at 5.45 pm. Preparation meetings the next 3 Saturdays at 5.15 pm. (then not till after Christmas). Application forms available at the end of October.