Although the narrative of the marriage feast at Cana, with its first revelation of Jesus’s glory at the request of his blessed mother, might seem to be the primary focus of today’s scriptures, taking a look at the 1st reading from Isaiah 62 shows that the Gospel story can be seen as an allegory for Isaiah’s theme of God, the Bridegroom of the nation of Israel, prefiguring Jesus Christ, the Bridegroom of the Church. The Psallite composers opted to place that theme in prominence in [their] Communion antiphon, coupling the antiphon with the Isaiah passage but starting earlier at chapter 61:10, which presents the theme of the bridegroom in a context of praise and thanksgiving that has strong overtones of Mary’s Magnificat. [Paul Inwood]

Sunday 20 January at 10.00am
Opening songGather us in (Haugen)
Glory to GodA Parish Mass (Peter Jones)
PsalmProclaim the wonders of the Lord (CRPB)
Gospel acclamationPaschal tone
Preparation hymnPraise to the Lord, the Almighty
Holy. HolyGathering Mass (Inwood)
Memorial acclamationGathering Mass (Inwood)
Lamb of GodA Parish Mass (Peter Jones)
Communion chantAs a bridegroom rejoices (Psallite)
Communion songWe place upon your table (Joncas)
Recessional songChrist, be our light (Farrell)
2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time