Eagle-eyed followers of this music blog may have noticed that this week’s Communion Song is a repeat of last week’s. Not so! Last week’s Psallite chant was longer than anticipated and there wasn’t time for the Communion Song—so we are going to sing it this week instead.

Sunday 27 January at 10.00am
Opening songAct Justly (Bernadette Farrell)
Glory to GodA Parish Mass (Peter Jones)
PsalmYour words are spirit and they are life (Bernadette Farrell)
Gospel acclamationPaschal tone
Preparation hymnOh the word of my Lord
Holy. HolyGathering Mass (Inwood)
Memorial acclamationGathering Mass (Inwood)
Lamb of GodA Parish Mass (Peter Jones)
Communion chantAs one body in your Spirit (Psallite)
Communion songWe place upon your table (Joncas)
Recessional songThe light of Christ

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (27 January)