Each year, the number of Sundays in Ordinary Time after Christmas is determined by the date of Easter. This year, Easter is very late so we have managed to fit eight Ordinary Time Sundays in. Apparently, it is 20 years since this last happened!

Lent begins this week, on Ash Wednesday. Its liturgical colour is purple, so the website will change colour accordingly.



Sunday 3 March at 10.00am
Opening hymnMy God, accept my heart this day
Glory to GodA Parish Mass (Peter Jones)
PsalmIt is good to give thanks to you (Psalm 91, Walker)
Gospel acclamationPaschal Tone
Preparation songO God, you search me and you know me (Farrell)
Holy. HolyGathering Mass (Inwood)
Memorial acclamationGathering Mass (Inwood)
Lamb of GodAston (Peter Jones)
Communion chantIn the Lord I'll be ever thankful (Taizé)
Communion songOh the word of my Lord (Lundy)
Recessional hymnAlleluia, sing to Jesus
8th Sunday in Ordinary Time (3 March 2019)