We welcome back Mgr Pat who is celebrating Mass with us today.

Please pray for the sick and/or housebound: Elena Petta, Pat Sanger, Alfred & Mary Waring, Mary Jenkins, Rev Jim Gilligan, Hannah Bratt, Rachael Nielsen, Sarah Cole, Helen Abbott and Matthew Young.

Please also pray for Alf and Anne Waring who are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary at this time. (Alf and Anne were regular attenders at Mass but now receive Communion at home).

Thank you to everyone who helped with the first big tidy up of the grounds. They are looking very smart.

A Big Clean of the church in preparation for Easter will take place on Tuesday 28 March at 10.00am after the morning Service and Stations of the Cross. Please do lend a hand if you can. Gentlemen especially welcome!

Collections 10 March Offertory: Gift Aid £166.70 / Non-Gift Aid £169.17 / Votive candles £52.70

Lent Fast Day for CAFOD took place on Friday. There will be a retiring collection today after Mass.

Offertory Gift Aid envelopes are available at the back of church for the new tax year starting 7 April 2019. Please collect your box today. Thank you. For parishioners who would like the parish to reclaim the tax on their weekly offerings and wish to use envelopes or standing orders, please see Rev Pat or Christine after Mass.

Walk with Me booklets for Lent are available at the back of church. Please take one home with you. They are free.

During Lent, Stations of the Cross will take place on Tuesday morning after Service of Word and Holy Communion.

The Food Bank is asking for gifts of sugar, cold tinned meats, tomato ketchup, breakfast cereals and UHT milk. Statistics show that the numbers of people using the bank are up considerably. Thank you for your support.

Missio ‘Red Boxes’ are due for emptying. If you bring your box to church and your collector is not there, please ask for your box to be put in the safe; do not leave it at the back of church. If you are new to the parish and would like to have a red box or have an existing box that needs emptying, please contact Sue Allen 01386 561246.

A Christian Perspective on Brexit: A chance to consider a Christian response to the political upheaval we are living through. Speaker: David Hall (former MEP for Hereford and Shropshire). With contributions from local people directly affected by the current situation. Tuesday 9 April, 7.30–9.00pm at Droitwich Methodist Church. See poster on the board for further details.

Lenten lunches Every Thursday at St Andrew’s,12.00noon–1.30pm Great home-made soup and good company.

‘Six of the Best’ – a look at the words of six of our best known hymns, what they say to us about our faith and how we live it. Every Tuesday evening at the Baptist Church at 7.30pm. lasts about an hour. This week’s hymn is ‘For the beauty of the earth’. All welcome.

‘Broken’ – viewing and discussing the six episodes of the powerful and moving TV series starring Sean Bean. Continues Tuesday evening at the Abbey at 7.30 and also on Thursday afternoon at St Andrew’s at 1.30pm. (Please be aware this contains themes of death, suicide, abuse, violence and swearing. It is not for the faint hearted. Please consider this before coming along). It is gritty and unvarnished but this is the world in which we live and witness.

Day of Reflection for Lent Led by Christine Dodd at the House of the Open Door, Childswickham on Wednesday 10 April 9.45am–4.00pm. Details and sign-up sheet on the notice board. Let Christine know if you need transport.

Second Sunday of Lent (C)