We welcome back Fr John who is celebrating Mass with us this weekend.

There is a letter for everyone today from Fr Amal. Please make sure you have your copy.

Fr Amal will be here to celebrate the School Mass on Friday 6 September and his first Sunday will be on 8 September at 9am. He would very much like to meet everyone after Mass, so it will be followed by coffee and croissants in the Hall. Please do stay on to meet him.

Please pray for the sick and housebound: Elena Petta, Pat Sanger, Alfred & Mary Waring, Mary Jenkins, Rev Jim Gilligan, Hannah Bratt, Rachael Nielsen, Sarah Cole, Helen Abbott, Richard Milnes, Alexander Pelech, David Middleton, George Morris, John Allison, Sandra Bryer and Hazel Tester.

Collections 18 AugustOffertory £162.50 (non-Gift Aid: £154.30). Votive candles £21.44

Gift Aided donations either by standing order or the envelope scheme have enabled us to claim £5230 back for the last tax year. If you are able to gift aid but have not yet done so please see Deacon Pat, Christine or Chas Bryer. It does not cost you anything to do so.

Please help the Food Bank which needs biscuits, chocolate bars, dog food, rice, sugar (small bags please), tinned oranges, long-life fruit juice and shampoo. There is a box for donations at the back. Thank you for your support.

Wanted for Urafiki — small registered charity, working with a Kenyan Non-Governmental Organisation: your unwanted cosmetics. New lipsticks, new/part used eyeshadow, nail varnish, eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, mascara, make-up brushes, nail files and manicure sets. Details of the charity and box for donations will be at the back of church until 29 September.

If you are involved or interested in working with young people the diocese is holding a day conference on 28 September. Described as “a practical day looking at how we can move forward in serving young people” it will be held at Alton Castle. See Christine if you are interested.

Presbytery update: Fr Amal is going to live at Warndon and the diocese has given permission for the presbytery here to be rented out in due course. However, before this can happen the house needs to be cleared and a new firedoor needs to be installed between the house and the office (which will continue in use as it is now). The house will then undergo a deep clean and be let through an approved letting agent.

The big clear out is today. Amazing bargains! After Mass today, all are welcome to come to the house (via the front door please) where items are for sale. Most items are priced with a minimum suggested price but if you think things are under-priced and can give more that would be helpful. Some items require a written bid. The money this raises will be put into parish funds for use should we ever need to refurnish the house in the future.

The Annual Pilgrimage to Harvington Hall (the Shrine of the English Martyrs) will take place next Sunday. Mass at 3pm, Confessions 1.45-2.30. The principal celebrant will be Bishop David McGeogh. Please bring your own chair. Free tours of the house are available on the day and can be booked in the Courtyard on arrival.

Remember the new Mass Time: Sunday 8 September (and thereafter), Mass at 9.00am

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)