A new copyright scheme


For nearly 20 years, Holy Redeemer parish has paid for an annual Calamus licence to print congregational words and music on a weekly Mass sheet. Calamus obtains the necessary permissions on our behalf, we tell them which copyright songs and hymns we use each week, and they pass our licence fee on to the correct authors and composers in the form of royalties. This has allowed us to sing the Mass with songs and hymns from all manner of different sources, all on one convenient sheet, and helped us be a parish that sings really well. (It also keeps us legal!)

The owners of the Calamus licensing scheme are about to retire, so they have sold the business to a much larger USA-based company called One License (which is how they spell it over there!). Apart from having access to a much wider range of good words and music, you won’t notice very much difference, apart from references to One License on the Mass sheet instead of Calamus.

Alan Smith


Sunday 1 September at 10.00am
Opening songAct Justly (Bernadette Farrell)
Glory to GodMass of St Kenelm (Alan Smith)
Responsorial psalmHome for the Lonely (Psallite)
Gospel acclamationPaschal tone
Preparation songCome, let us go (CJM)
Holy. HolyIn Pace (Christopher Walker)
Memorial Acclamation IIIn Pace (Christopher Walker)
Lamb of GodAston (Peter Jones)
Communion songPlease break this bread, Lord (Jodie Page-Clark)
Recessional hymnLord of all hopefulness
22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C)