Every week, while we cannot be together at Mass, you will find here a very short reflection on the Sunday Gospel, and a suggestion for prayer. There is also something for every day for the rest of the week. Each day consists of one phrase from the Gospel, one or two sentences as a thought for the day and a prayer for ourselves and others.

Sunday Reflection

Imagine two trains on separate tracks going in opposite directions. One of them is heading out of a tunnel and the other one is heading towards it.

If we had been at Mass today, we would have heard a story about people moving, like the trains, in two different directions. It is the story of the man who was born blind. (You can read the text in the newsletter this week or in your bibles – John 9). In this story the blind man is coming out of a dark tunnel into the light, not only of new physical sight but also new inner seeing. He comes into the light of faith and freedom in Jesus. On the other hand the Pharisees, who think they are already in the light, are moving towards the dark tunnel of disbelief and rejection of Jesus. Where are we, where are you, on this faith journey to inner sight?

In these uncertain days, when Coronavirus is so uppermost in our minds, it can be really hard to hold things in balance. It is so easy to get over-anxious, to watch the news so much that every waking moment is consumed by worry and anxiety. Balance should be the mark of a Christian. We are utterly immersed in the world and yet, like the man born blind, we are called to a life of trust in Christ, not what is happening around us and in us. Rather than heading for the tunnel of darkness and panic, Christ offers to us his light, his presence and his peace.

To think and pray about:

How are you feeling about the present Coronavirus situation?

Speak to the Lord openly about your fears, hopes, worries etc

You may like to say this prayer every day this week:

Let nothing disturb you
Let nothing frighten you
All things pass
God never changes
Patience obtains all things
Whoever possesses God lacks nothing
God alone is sufficient. Teresa of Avila



From the Gospel: “As he went along Jesus saw a man who had been blind from birth”

Thought for the day: Jesus sees us, with all our blindness, but also with all our potential.

To think and pray about: (take your time over this)

Imagine what Jesus sees when he looks at you. Good and not so good.

Offer yourself to God in your own words

Pray today especially for all NHS staff as they serve the sick under such stressful conditions.



From the Gospel: “The man said ‘He put paste on my eyes and I could see”

Thought for the day: Jesus offers to us the gift of inner sight, to see the truth of who he is.

To think and pray about: (take your time over this)

Reflect on what has happened to you over the last week or so. What has the Lord helped you to see in new ways?

Pray today for all those who have limited eyesight or are blind.



From the Gospel: “The Pharisees hurled abuse at the man, ‘You can be his disciple’ they said ‘we are disciples of Moses’.”

Thought for the day: A disciple is a “learner”, one on the way to the light of a deeper relationship with God. The Pharisees say they are disciples but in fact they on the way to deeper darkness because they fail to see who Jesus is.

To think and pray about: (take your time over this)

Pray that the Lord will teach you whatever he wishes to teach you and for an openness to learn and follow his way.

Pray for all teachers today, and for all children and young people at this time of uncertainty.



From the Gospel: “Jesus heard the disciples had driven the man away and he found him”

Thought for the day: Sometimes we drive ourselves away from the presence of the Lord but he still comes to find us.

To think and pray about: (take your time over this)

Think about when you have “driven yourself away” from the presence of the Lord in the last week or so. Ask for his forgiveness and thank him for finding you.

Pray for those driven to the margins of society.



From the Gospel: Jesus said to the man “Do you believe in the Son of Man?”

Thought for the day: Jesus issues a challenge, ‘Do you believe?’ Sometimes holding on to faith can be hard, especially in difficult times.

To think and pray about: (take your time over this)

How do you respond to Jesus question “Do you believe?” Talk to the Lord honestly and openly about this.

Pray for all those finding faith hard at this time.



From the Gospel: The man replied (to Jesus), ‘tell me who he is that I may believe in him.’

Thought for the day: The man is searching, seeking.

To think and pray about: (take your time over this)

In terms of your faith what is it that you truly long for? Speak to the Lord

Pray for those searching for faith

Pray for our own candidates who will be received into the Church soon.


Lent – Week 4
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