Churches Together in Pershore

The churches in Pershore have always enjoyed a close relationship. Over 50 years ago this special relationship was made formal by the signing of a covenant between the Anglicans, Baptists and Roman Catholics.

Since that time, Churches Together in Pershore has been joined by the Community Church who, although not a signatory to the covenant, are considered to be part of Churches Together.

In 2014 the churches came together to start a Foodbank, (Trussell Trust) which continues to be a community led venture, where food is donated and many families are supported.

In 2019 the Churches formed and ecumenical workplace chaplaincy team for the businesses that operate in Pershore.


We, the Anglican, Baptist and Roman Catholic Churches of Pershore confess our faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour according to the scriptures, and acknowledge our calling to serve him in the world.

We believe that it is the will of God that there should be a united Christian Church and that we should not do apart what we can usefully do together. Therefore, we believe that by entering into solemn covenant with each other to share our life as fully as we can, we are seeking God’s will.

We rejoice in the rich variety of our different Christian traditions and seek to share them with each other as far as possible. 

We pray that in this venture of faith the Holy Spirit will guide and lead us into deeper unity.