19 May
Readers:John Allison and Stuart Adams
Ministers of Communion:Gerry Devine, Sarah Houle, Laurie & Josie Green
26 May 
Readers:Ann Burton and Gail Cole
Ministers of Communion:Val Holton, Bernard O’Keefe, Sheila Oldman and Helen Rankin
Children’s Liturgy
19 MayTBA
26 MayTBA
19 MayEddie & Carol Dawson
26 MayBernard O’Keefe and Phil Libell
Coffee Servers
19 MayClaire Oliver and Nicky Garrad
26 MayTBA
w/e 25 MayHelen Morris
w/e 1 JuneHelen Morris
Church Cleaning
w/e 25 MayMeg Capel
w/e 1 JuneJane Morgan and Rosemary Davis